Billy Woolfolk

I lived in Tokyo, Japan from 1990-2000. I worked for a Japanese company, worked Japanese hours, and lived the lifestyle of a typical Japanese office worker. This meant hours of train riding every day, trudging through rush hour madness, obligatory drinking with co-workers, getting to work early, and leaving work late. If it weren't for my family and my outside interests, I don't think I could have lasted the whole ten years. My outside interests included hiking, camping, Karate and--most of all--Photography.

I am by no means an expert photographer but my love and passion for the art knows no end. I have tried my hand at many different types of photography but the one that holds a special place in my heart is what is known as street photography. Although most people think that street photography is just capturing candid shots of people in day to day situations and for some, as in the case of Bresson, finding the decisive moment--my idea of street photography is not limited to People. I tried to capture anything that captured me first. Most of my work was done on the way to and from work (or during my lunch break) and is but a miniscule part of what really intrigued me about Tokyo.

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